2008 Griffith Park Festival of Lights

In the grand scheme of things, fighting to ensure that cyclists have full access to the 2008 Griffith Park Festival of Lights may seem like a low priority battle with little to gain, especially if you’ve ever spent much time sucking the fumes from the middle of the gridlocked environmental nightmare.

But this is the second time that cyclists have been restricted from the Streets of LA (for our own good!) and so we invest our time and energy to ensure that we establish and maintain an equal access standard for cyclists.

Just a couple of years ago, we fought City Hall over the Griffith Observatory reopening plan which would have prohibited cyclists and pedestrians from traveling the public road to the Observatory. We prevailed on the eve of the opening and then had to fight to get the LAMC 12.21 mandated bike racks installed. All in all, it was important to maintain a standard of access and accommodation.

And so, here it is, the beginnings of Summer and we’re already making Holiday plans!

Ultimately, we’d like to see the Festival go car-free but that conversation follows the clarification that if the Festival is open to cars, it’s open to cyclists.

(Cyclists’ Bill of Rights #2 Cyclists have the right to equal access to our public streets and to sufficient and significant road space.)

Photo by Renegade Of Funk

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