A Meeting Tonight That Everyone Should Attend!

You all know that I’m involved with the cycling issues here in LA. Cycling for me is not for sport but I believe in cycling as a transportation solution.

I ride everywhere; to auditions and jobs, to the movies and the theatre, I ride to fun events and I also ride to the grocery store as well as to meetings and political rallies.

Cycling affects all of us. Drivers, cyclists and all street users alike! But cyclists are disregarded by the city on a regular basis because the city thinks that cycling is a toy and a sport.

All over the world cities are embracing cycling as a mode of transportation and all over the world cities realize that advocating for cycling as an alternative to driving is better for the cities overall health, it benefits the community, the businesses, the individuals who ride as well as the planet.

Tonight, the LADOT (Los Angeles Department of Transportation) is holding their second Bicycle Master Plan Meeting. This meeting was scheduled so hastily that it is only discouraging people to show up.

Please, read the article on LAist about the Master Plan. And read about why your input is so important. We need to show the LADOT and the LA City that cyclists matter!!! Regardless of your transportation choice, you will be affected by it as well! The more cyclists you see on the road, the healthier and safer the streets!

We are having a ride tonight to the BMP and there will be Movie screening afterwards at BikeRoWave on the west side. Rain or shine, it’s going to be a kick-ass event.

Come in a car, ride a bike or a bus, fly in or swim to the meeting. I don’t care as long as you show up! This plan is important for all! Not just cyclist!

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