illuminateLA is about the Los Angeles Culture (yes, we have some here,) the Communities that connect us and that separate us and also the Ride that makes our every days travel an adventure. The ride on your bike as well as on our public transportation.

We are:

About Enci - Headshot

Enci – An actress and web designer, riding her bike to auditions, acting jobs, grocery shopping, to the movies, to the theater, and everywhere else you can think of.

About Stephen - photo

Stephen Box – A cycling advocate and community organizer, and director of Third Eye Creative. Stephen rides his bike from Santa Monica to Pasadena, Pacoima and Sun Valley to San Pedro. His advocacy work has been published in the LA Times, Complete Streets, LAist and smaller local newspaper. He has been interviewed by Fox11 News, NBC, Metro TV, and some up and coming independent film makers.

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See you on the Street!

Enci and Stephen Box