ArtCycle Celebrates Art, Cycling Culture and Public Space in East Hollywood

The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council has been, to the best of my knowledge, the most supportive Neighborhood Council in the Arts and in the Cycling Culture. East Hollywood NC has endorsed the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights, declared itself a Pedestrian Oriented Neighborhood, participated in Park[ing] Day LA, supported the Independent Shakespeare Company & LA Commons, planted trees, got canvas bags, and blinky bike lights, and the 2nd year in a row, supported ArtCycle, an all day family and community event, that celebrates its artists, its public murals, its history and its people.

East Hollywood ArtCycle takes place on Saturday, March 13th from 2-10 pm in the smack center of Santa Monica Blvd, in between Vermont and Virgil, right across from the Cahuenga Library and LA Cities Light Yard. The street will be opened up for people to paint, play music, sculpt, dance, and enjoy public space as so many people in other countries do.

Los Angeles is lacking public plaza’s, open space, community centers, and all the things that bring people together and East Hollywood, one of the densest and poorest neighborhoods in the City, is the perfect ground for ArtCycle.

Come on out and meet the people in East Hollywood and celebrate with them for one day. The event is free! There will be music, live painting, kids activities, bike rides to the various East Hollywood studios and galleries, and much more.

Go to their website and look at what artists are participating, check out the music lineup, the vendors that will be selling delicious food, bring your bike and park it at the free valet provided by metro, bring a t-shirt for screen printing and enjoy the activities and the rich culture of this neighborhood.

ArtCycle is right next to the Metro Red Line station Santa Monica Blvd and Vermont, and also next to major bus lines. Check out metro for directions.

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