Bike Week – “In the Living Room of LA’s Bicycle Culture” at Barnsdall Municipal Gallery

Jennifer Moran, Brian Janeczko, Enci Box and Aurisha Smolarski present the collaborative project, In the Living Room of LA’s Bicycle Culture, highlighting a small aspect of bike culture with the audience invited to be participants.

The installation puts the culture on display, and includes discussions, creations and interactions in an ever evolving format, mimicking the dynamic bicycle culture in Los Angeles.

The Exhibit includes an on-going, rotating series of participatory events:

Photography/Painting/Furniture Collaboration
Various artists exhibit artwork that serve as the “living room” decor fabricated out of bicycles.

Video Documentary
The Echo Park Film Center screens a series of videos with films addressing anything and everything about bicycle culture.

Bicycle Workshop
Part of the “living room” is a bicycle workshop where visitors can learn how to fix flats and basic bicycle maintenance.

Thursday and Friday, March 11 and 12, 12-5pm

Bicycle Dressing & Explosion: Two bikes are available to dress with objects, stickers, and streamers.

Spoke Card Design and Trading: Create, trade and discuss the art of spoke card making. Contribute to the Spoke Card display by adding your own designs or trade for designs by others.

Thursday, March 11, 6:30-9:30 pm

ArtCycle Meeting: The final ArtCycle meeting regarding the March 13 ArtCycle event on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Saturday, March 13, 12-5pm

Bicycle Explosion: Bicycles from the Bike Dressing Activity are de-constructed to be hung from the ceiling of the gallery.

Bike Noise: Turning the bicycle into a musical instrument through the use of contact microphones, electronic pedals, and amplification visitors are invited to produce music from prepared bicycles.

Experimental Mobile Music Workshop: The Bicycle Bell Ensemble orchestrates a musical event in which bicycles bells are used to create musical compositions.

Sunday, March 14, 12-5pm

Bike Rack Installation: A bike rack fabricated off site with donated materials and labor, referencing the unique ideas and designs of Frank Lloyd Wright’s art and architecture, to be displayed on the portico.

Exhibit Collaborators and Artists:

Jen Moran, Enci Box, Aurisha Smolarski. Brian Janeczko

Brian Janeczko
Enci Box
Jen Moran
Aurisha Smolarski
Tommy Lewis
Caroline Kim
David Bell

Glass and bike metal art:
Ashira Katie Siegel

Road Kill Sculpture:
Tommy Lewis

Thomas Guide Map Installation:
Enci Box
David Bell
Aurisha Smolarski

Mr. Rollers (Stephen Roullier)
Brianna Bakke
Sahra Sulaiman

Poster Art:
ArtCycle 2009 and 2010, designed and produced by Caroline Kim
Patrick Miller, Roadblock

Bike poster collections:
Don, Aurisha, Ashira

ArtCycle Card art:
Jen Moran, Enci Box, David Bell, Jay Lopez, Caroline Kim…

Bike Noise Music
Aurisha Smolarski, Somerset Waters

Bicycle Bell Ensemble:
Patrick Miller and David Semien

Photography Poster of ArtCycle 2009
From Here to There Collective

Bike stand and bike parts lent by:
Bicycle Kitchen

Bike Rack Installation:
Brian Janeczko, Jonathan F. West, Aaron Ryan

Spoke Card Collection:
Marcus McKenzie

Echo Park Film Center

Brian Bell, Eddie Navarrette, Stephen Box

Somerset Waters

Bikes lent by:
Enci Box, Stephen Box, Bicycle Kitchen

Bike IT book and Zines:
Kelly Marie Martin

Imagine East Hollywood by Cindy Marie Jenkins
Jennifer Moran, David Bell

Bike painted T-shirt:
Jim Bledsoe

All events free and open to the public unless otherwise noted at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, 4800 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027.