Bikeside Presents at Caltrans 7 Bicycle Advisory Committee

Today’s Caltrans Bicycle Advisory Committee kicked off with a brown-bag session of Bikeside presentations of Hit & Run incidents by Sara Bond, the LA Bike Map by Alex Thompson and the Greensters by Enci Box.

This two hour session attracted many folks from Caltrans, SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments), California Highway Patrol, LAPD, Burbank PD as well as Metro. Unfortunately there was no sight of LADOT, who would have really benefited from this presentation.

Cyclists on the street know the roads and the issues better than bureaucrats sitting in an office.

The LA Bike Map, created with data from the LAPD, has more impact when presented by a cyclist, who has experienced those incidents that he is addressing and that he is researching. Alex Thompson did a wonderful job and his presentation drew a lot of comments and questions resulting in some nice brainstorming going on in the room.

Hit & Run incidents are always more shocking when one knows the victim. Having had Louis Bianco at the Bikeside SPEAKS! presentation on Saturday left people upset and at the same time fired up to change our streets.

It was no different today, when Sara presented her data about the various incidents that occurred in the past few years. Sara talked about Roadblock, Ed Magos, Jen Diamond and Jesus Castillo among the many other victims of hit and runs and Sara brought her vulnerability to the table, because she knows the people she talked about.

After our presentation, Sgt. Krumer showed the LAPD officers training video and CHP’s Officer Vince Ramirez and Burbank PD Motor Officer Justin Meadows made themselves available in a panel discussion about law enforcement and how each entity deals with cyclists on the streets.

Questions were raised and discusses about how we can educate the motoring public, about law enforcement around Freeway ramps and about jurisdictions. Metro vs. Cyclist incidents were again brought up and Sgt. Krumer repeated that LAPD will handle those incidents because the crime occurred on the street and they are responsible to cover those incidents. Krumer said that just like with any collision on the street, there needs to be the same informational exchange between cyclists and Metro driver and LAPD will help us handle those situations.

It was a great meeting with robust discussions, great crowd and great energy. Bikeside had 6 people representing, including Stephen Box, Jeremy Grant, Max Berson and DJ Wheels.

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