Bikeside Speaks Pt. 2, Disposable Film Fest and After Party!

By Alex Thompson

Bikeside Speaks will join forces with Cynergy, Specialized, and the Disposable Film Festival to throw a triple-header bash in Santa Monica.

Saturday, August 21st, at 6:30pm sharp Bikeside Speaks will kick off a night of bikes, films, and P.A.R.T.Y!

  • 6:30pm – 8:30pm Bikeside Speaks! (RSVP on Facebook, Tweet-vite)
  • 8:30pm – 11pm “bike-in” screening by the Disposable Film Festival (RSVP on Facebook)
  • afterward, party at the Hotel Erwin on Venice Beach

Cynergy Cycles will host the Disposable Film Festival’s bike-in screening in it’s parking lot.

Bring a bike and a blanket and watch quality films from “disposable media” like cell phone cameras or flip cams. 

Before that Bikeside Speaks will present cutting edge projects in bike activism – here’s the first part of the lineup:

here’s the first part of the lineup:

* 6:35 – “Cool Ass” Mike Bower’s project 1000 Bikes – a non-profit project to put bikes in the hands of foster kids and their families.
* 6:49 – Terry O’Day, SM City Council
* 7:03 – Betsy Butler, Dem for State Assembly
* 7:17 – Cory Wilkerson, award winning bike planning on a shoestring budget
* 7:31 – Stephen Box, candidate for City Council District 4 in LA, will inspire and engage . . . and probably put the crowd in stitches as he did last Bikeside Speaks.
* 7:45 – Gary Kavanagh of Gary Rides Bikes and Santa Monica Spoke will talk about redefining freedom of mobility beyond the motoring age.
* 7:59 – Felicia Williams, CICLE and Tour De Arts
* 8:13 – Alex Thompson presents Life Before License & Blood In – then hand off to . . .

There will be an awesome Specialized bike raffle, all proceeds going to Bikeside.

Look for Bikeside Speaks to head east, way east, in September!)

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