Gov. Schwarzenegger Visits AltCar Expo

LA Greenster Park[ing] boothStephen and I went to the AltCar Expo with Greenster Jeremy Grant and Ron Durgin. Inspired by Park[ing] Day LA, the Greensters set up a park[ing] booth and invited people to sit down, rest and enjoy the Greenster videos.

The Greensters showed videos of their past three months accomplishments and journeys and started discussions about transportation, the entertainment industry, sustainability, and what it means to really live a sustainable lifestyle.

I wandered around, checking out the other booths and I found a few that really inspired me!

eliz bike hurry curry 45k(1)Rose Pedals Bike Weddings is an environmentally-friendly, low-carbon-emissions marriage service for those who appreciate a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and want a wedding that’s fun, memorable, and doesn’t harm our planet.

This wonderful service is offered by the lovely Elizabeth, who loves to bike and who loves to spread the word about biking with…love. She is a CA notary authorized to issue confidential marriage licenses, a ULC minister, and a Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriage for L.A. County.

Elizabeth brought a smile to my face and since Stephen and I already got married to each other 3 times, she might just be the right person for our 10th anniversary wedding. That would be fun!

I also talked to Dan and Jeff at the Lucky Earth booth. Lucky Earth makes cleaning products for cars, bikes, tires, and carpet and their product requires no water use and they are 100% biodegradable, with the exception of the microfiber towels, which you will need to do the cleaning with.

The ingredients of the cleaning products: Purified Water, Coconut-Based Surfactant, Silicone Emulsion, and Benzisothiazolinone (as a preservative, less than 0.05%). Pretty cool! (Maybe if we mix the first three ingredients at home, we can leave out the Benzisothiazolinone and only make as much as we need for one use.)

According to Dan, their product is made local, in Los Angeles, and the product container is #1 Recyclable. They were nice people with great energy and enthusiasm for the planet. I was impressed!

Lucky for me, BikeRoWave was also at the Expo. They had a wrenching booth near us and Richard helped me fix my back brakes and he also checked various parts on my bike that needed tightening and lubing and he got me safe back on the road after a long day at the Expo.

The highlight though came late, after the Expo already closed and after many of the booth vendors already left. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up to check out the Alternative Fuel Vehicles. The vendors who had alternative transportation displays (not cars) were literally in the back corner by the emergency exit, well hidden from the crowd. But that didn’t discourage us from trying to get the Governor to our booth.

Stephen (Box) went to the press guy and to the Governor and asked them to come through our area if he dares to be green. Well, maybe he didn’t put it that way but he could have. Arnold wore a green tie to the special occasion so he was meant to stop by the Greenster Park[ing] booth for sure.

IMG_3871And believe it or not, he did. Well, not really but Stephen stopped him right when he was about to pass us and leave the building and shook Arnolds hand and told him about the Greensters and about sustainable transportation for the entertainment industry. We turned on the video, the press and the cameras were on Stephen and the Governor and after a few minutes of watching what Stephen was talking about, he smiled, said something like “great” and then they left.

I was very excited after this! Stephen is amazing with his persistence and when it works in your favor, you’ll love him for it. And I do.

Anyhow, it was a wonderful, fun and successful day in Santa Monica, spreading the good word and spending the day with friends.

If you are planning on going to the AltCar Expo on Saturday, October 3rd, be sure to ride your bike or take the Big Blue bus and stop by the Greenster Park[ing] booth. They will be there from 10-5 pm and will be broadcasting live from their booth from 10 am – 12 noon. The Greensters will also be leading a demonstration on how to grocery shop with your bicycle. Woohoo!

Be sure to take your picture with the Greensters and post them on their facebook page at

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