Metro Superhero!

The 704 Rapid rolled east on Santa Monica approaching Sunset Boulevard and stopped just short of Sanborn. The first person off the bus was Operator 28196 who then turned and helped a little old lady off the bus. She paused and turned and he got back on the bus.

The door opened and he got back off, walking back to the lady, taking her arm and leading her a few feet down the sidewalk. By now I was closer and I could hear him explaining that the #4 bus would be coming this way soon. It was then that I realized she was blind.

It’s people like Bus Operator #28196 who demonstrate that Greatness is not only possible, but probable, when individuals agree to provide a service and then work to exceed expectations.

Go Metro!

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    “HOO RAH”

    – Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, Scent of a Woman

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    One of a kind character!

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    i’ve seen several drivers at that stop help out older riders. it’s great that you caught that moment.

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