Storm the Bastille! – Pasadena Civil Rides!

Pasadena (purportedly a bike-friendly city) is proposing a new Ordinance that allows the City to

“…prohibit persons riding bicycles upon a roadway or bike lane from riding more than two abreast…”

Section 10.60.140 of the Pasadena Municipal Code is further amended to provide an exception to this restriction if cyclists have a “valid permit or license agreement” in force and effect.

(Read the Ordinance in .pdf here)

If this ordinance passes, how will it affect Pasadena businesses and families?

Well, for one, there won’t be any more family rides to the farmers market or to the video store. No more social rides on Sunday afternoon for some ice-cream and no more rides to the museum.

Mom, Dad, and the kids will now need to get back in the mini-van, contributing to traffic congestion, polluting the air and spending quality family time circling the block looking for parking and sharing some road-rage moments.

Boston Court will not be able to host any BAD (Bicycle ADventure) events as they did in the past, with cyclists riding their bikes to a matinee performance at the Theatre.

Pasadena’s local advocacy group C.I.C.L.E. won’t be able to host any more toy rides on Christmas nor will they be able to host ride-in movies and local bicycling training.

No more Road I classes in the city of Pasadena.

Lucky Baldwins won’t be able to greet the cyclists that have been going there for years after a long ride…

There will be many changes and these changes won’t be for the better.

This Ordinance has taken a simple Rose Bowl user group conflict and turned it into a significant Citywide peds vs. cyclists and cyclists vs. cars issue. We’re all in this together and we all have a vested interest in ensuring that all modes of travel are protected and guaranteed a place on the street.

If there is a problem between cyclists and pedestrians and cars at the Rose Bowl then these problems can be addressed by the current law that is already in place. The law needs to be enforced as it stands!

If Peloton cyclists are riding into opposing traffic, swarming cars, riding in the ped lanes or screaming at other user groups, that behavior should be addressed, either by the peer pressure of responsible Peloton Cyclists or by the authorities. BUT, it does not require additional legislation!

If motorists are attempting to pass cyclists at unsafe speeds in excess of the speed limit then that behavior should be addressed by the authorities, not by using an ill-conceived ordinance that removes cyclists from the path of motorists.

If peds, runners and skaters find themselves outside the ped lane and in conflict with the cyclists, then we should better delineate the roadway and enhance it with better signage to resolve the conflict. Again, this is an opportunity for the authorities to use the laws that already exist and tools that they already possess.

All of us have to take care of each other and we must watch out for each others safety and for our own safety as well.

Cyclists should not terrorize pedestrians! Cyclists should not swarm cars. They should not ride against traffic and they should not cross the pedestrian line!

Pedestrians should not jump in front of a moving car or a cyclist. They should keep their dog leash short, so nobody will trip over them.

Drivers should always leave plenty of room between their car and pedestrians as well as cyclists (if possible, change lanes.) Drivers should not exceed the speed limit.

We all need to obey the law and the police should go out and enforce it. We need the support of the authorities, not more law and especially not more BAD law.

We will ride on Monday, August 6th to the Pasadena public hearing and we will speak up against this Ordinance. Pasadena should enforce the law that already exists. The police could go out to the Rose Bowl and resolve any user group conflict by equally enforcing the existing law, not looking for a new law that targets cyclists throughout the city and demonizes cyclists.

At 5 pm we’ll be meeting at the Southwest Museum Gold Line Station (Marmion north of Ave 45.)

At 5:45 pm Rev. Ubray will lead us on a ride to Pasadena City Hall where we will address the City Council on their efforts to restrict the rights of cyclists.

Video of meeting on July 30th:

Join us!

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    Great entry, great blog. I’ve been covering this a bit myself. I’m blog rolling you, too.

  2. 2

    Thank you!!!!

  3. 3

    Thank you!!!

  4. Liz #

    Just one correction…CICLE is not a local advocacy group of Pasadena. While we worked out there in the last few months we are a LA Based grass roots organization that is centered in the North East region of LA.

  5. Serge #

    I don’t know, I think the main concern is safety. Some cyclists are serious and courteous and careful about safety. Many are not experienced and not safe. They can be a nuisance. What is the big deal about riding one at a time? When I was a kid we went on family rides one at a time. It’s just safer. These days everyone acts like they have a right to do whatever they want in all circumstances. You don’t. Sometimes safety comes first. Sometimes majority rule makes a new rule. No one is entitled to hog the road and cause accidents.

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