Storm the Bastille! – February 5th

cmhungary2005.jpgJoin us at the Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee’s February meeting as we urge our representatives to…ah…REPRESENT! We are meeting at the Santa Monica/Vermont Red Line station at 5:30 pm and heading to the meeting via DOT’s pride and joy, Sunset Blvd.

Minutes from the December meeting will be posted shortly.

Agenda for the February meeting will be posted as soon as the DOT sends it.

For more information call Stephen at 323.962.6540.

Tacos on 2nd Street or vegan at Pure Luck afterwards.
If you can’t make the ride, join us at the meeting:

DWP Board Room
111 N. Hope Street – Top Floor
LA, CA 90012

Ride Your Bike!

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  1. 1

    can’t wait… represent!!

  2. 2

    cant wait to represent!! AND BE HEARD!

  3. 3

    it seems like we storm the bastille every other week. we need another historical/revolutionary reference.

    i think this is a cold war.

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