Storm the Bastille – Van Nuys City Hall

hummer eats bikeOn the morning of April 24th a Hummer hit a young cyclist, sending him to the ER. When cyclists stopped the car to get his information, they fled the scene, running over three bikes and nearly killing several cyclists. LAPD stopped the Hummer a block later, with a bike lodged beneath it. LAPD let the Hummer driver leave the scene, IN HIS CAR.

Many of us have a story of how LAPD treated us unfairly when we were on a bike. We all have stories of how we’ve been intimidated by motorists, something LAPD should, but does not address.

On Friday, May Day, make LA City Council hear our voices in unison decrying the failure of LAPD to support and respect cyclists. We need their help, desperately, and we rarely get it.

Let’s fill council chambers with cyclists. Get off work, cancel that appointment, and show up to show support for cyclists across Los Angeles.

More on the Hummer incident here.

Red Line Station
Santa Monica Blvd & Vermont Ave
Take the train to NoHo Red Line Station and then ride to

Van Nuys City Hall (sometimes LA City Council meets here)
14410 Sylvan St.

Public comment will begin around 10am

Contact info for this ride: Stephen Box – 323.962.6540

searching cyclists

girl cuffed

lapd cuffs cyclist


Alex in cuffs

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    This is outrageous! Thank you for posting. Great site! I’m glad you’re here.

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