Sustainable Holidays

Do you make, manufacture, distribute, create sustainable products? Are you ready for orders in December? Would love to hear from you!

I’m writing for several online magazines about sustainability, community, and transportation issues, and I would love to offer my readers good choices for their holiday shopping.

If you make or distribute sustainable products, please get in touch with me to be considered for my articles.

How to submit:

  • a product or several of your products with description
  • ingredients in the product (if makeup, cosmetic, or food)
  • where it was manufactured (if not in the US, how was it shipped)
  • what materials were used to make the product
  • description of what makes this product sustainable
  • description of recyclability or reusability of product
  • history about the product and your involvement
  • short bio about you
  • link to website(s)
  • contact information (email, phone number, and mailing address)
  • pricing (and special deals for my readers if you offer)
  • customer comments (if any)

Please, email me at to get the address to send the samples to.

All products will be looked at and tested for their sustainability, durability, and might be compared with other products. The products will not be returned but will be given to a charity or auctioned to a charity of choice.

Deadline: Product(s) must be received by November 15th!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Please, spread the word by forwarding, blogging, tweeting, facebook-ing, and youtube-ing this.

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