Thank You, Stranger In a Car!

Two nights ago I rode my bike to the Colony Theatre in Burbank along Burbank Blvd.

The street was quite empty, not much traffic at all, and I rode about 4 feet away from the door zone.

As I was riding along a few cars passed. It was already dusk and I had my front and back lights turned on to be more visible.

As a few cars passed, I felt a car trailing behind me. I had the lane and I was riding over 18 mph. When all the cars cleared the #1 lane (the one closest to the center) the car behind me slowly pulled up next to me into the #1 lane, leaving plenty of room between us…

door-zone…just as a car door opened right in front of me and into my handle bar. It scarred the crap out of me and even though I was far enough left to not be hit (I had a few inches between me and the open door,) I swerved to the left, yelled and saw that the car that was next to me was also swerving over to his left to avoid me.

For a second I saw my right handle bar being clipped by the door, me being flipped into reverse, thrown in front of the car that was just passing me and being run over.

Phew! Just an imagination!

If I would have been just a couple inches over to the right, my ride would have ended bad.

If the car next to me would have squeezed me, I would be possibly in the hospital now, if not dead.

If the driver of this white vehicle reads this post, I want to send him a quick Thank You!

  • Thank you for keeping your distance between us!
  • Thank you for keeping your eyes on me and reacting fast as you saw that door swing open!
  • Thank you for not squeezing me and honking at me when you saw that I took the lane!
  • Thank you, Stranger in that white car on Thursday night on Burbank Boulevard!

Photo from (Burbank Blvd. has no bike lanes, but this was the only photo I could find that shows an accident in the door zone.)

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    Glad you are o.k. I’ve had a few close calls like that. Always pays to stay out of that door zone!


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    Wow, people ride bikes in LA? Who knew?

    Wish NY drivers would adopt that approach.

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