The Ride To City Hall On Bike To Work Day

Bike To Work Day at City Hall

Today about a hundred cyclists gathered at the Hollywood/Western pit stop for Bike To Work Day. A lot of these cyclists took the day off, or called in sick so they could ride down to City Hall to get their voices heard by our city leaders.

Stephen and I arrived at 4:30 am for the NBC’s morning coverage of our Pit Stop, and Stephen Box was interviewed regarding bicycling issues, how to encourage drivers to be safer around cyclist, about the Jen Diamond $50,000 hit-and-run reward, and what the City Hall ride was all about.

The Hollywood Pro crew showed up with bagels and cream cheese and they set up a tune up station. Dan was helping with the registrations, Big Bike Dan set the sound, Mr. Rollers and John K. took some photos and the LAPD Bicycle Unit arrived at around 8:30 am to escort all cyclists to City Hall.

Mitch O’Farrell, Eric Garcetti’s District Director of Constituent Services, came out from his office to greet the cyclists at the pit stop, to shake hands and to announce that the $50,000 reward has been re-issued to find the driver who hit Jen Diamond last October and left her bleeding in the street. He said “We want everyone to know that hitting people on the street and driving away is unacceptable! We want safe streets and we want to slow down the cars.” This announcement was followed by big cheers and the ride to City Hall.

Lupe Vela from Ed Reyes’ office, and Helen Leung from Garcetti’s office showed up riding their bikes to work and CalTrans 7 Bicycle Coordinator Dale Benson joined the cyclists on the ride to Downtown.

At City Hall, Dough Failing, CalTrans 7 District Director spoke about his commitment to include cyclists, public transit and pedestrians in all CalTrans projects. (He also sits on the CalTrans 7 Bicycle Advisory Committee and I know this guy is committed.)

Mayor Deputy Larry Frank promised that he will ride his bike to work at least one day this year. (It takes only a few days of riding to get people addicted, so it’s up to us to hold him to this promise and escort him to work.)

Borja Leon, the Mayor’s Transportation Policy Analyst also came out to speak to the cyclists to show his support (if we could only get him to get Jaime de la Vega on a bike. Sigh!)

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A huge thank you to all the cyclists who showed up and banged the drum at city hall. Stephen has been busting his ass to make this day happen, but without you all showing up it would have been a lonely ride to City Hall.

A huge thanks also to Brass Knuckles, Hollywood Pro, Big Bike Dan, Mr. Rollers, John K., and the Bicycle PD Unit, for helping out with the rally and the ride.

Bike To Work Day Mitch O’Farrell

Bike To Work Day Doug Failing