Trees On a Bike For Schools

carry tree on bike trailerThanks to Jeremy Grant from the LA Greensters, I received this notice about helping  a School out on Friday to deliver trees on bikes.

Check out the LA Times article about the Santee Debate Team:,0,5774015.story

Repost this and earn the Team some points:

For our second service project, the Global Debate Team will be donating trees to schools around LA by bicycle. Beginning Friday the 4th, we will transport some of the trees. This will promote two ways of reversing climate change: planting CO2-converting trees, and using alternatives to CO2-emitting cars. We hope the schools we visit with our trees will agree to replant and take care of them. We also hope they will feature us in their newspapers and blogs, as Venice High School has already agreed to do.

Venice High School is 14 and a half miles from Santee Education Complex. We invite anyone who wants a little exercise to join us on the ride to the school along Venice Blvd. on Friday, December 4th, leaving Santee at 11am. For each mention in a news source or blog, we will get points in the Global Debates competition. The grand prize is a trip to the UN’s Youth Leadership Summit in the Netherlands.

If you are a blogger, school, or media outlet and wish to cover our story, or if you want to ride with us, please call Santee Debate Coaches Amber Young at (310) 256-6267 or Nick Richert at (310) 428-4222Tr

We are meeting at 10:30 at Santee High School (DTLA, Washington & Maple) and leave at 11am to help transport some trees to Venice High School. If you are able to ride along with a trailer, cargo bike, or just to come along for the fun it would be great. The Debate team gets points for blog mentions too if you have one. The grand prize is a trip to the UN’s Youth Leadership Summit in the Netherlands.

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