Voices From Chornobyl Readings for 25th Anniversary

I’m back on stage this month, performing again in Voices From Chornobyl.

This is my 4th year working with Cindy and the cast on this project, (if you search my site for Chornobyl, you’ll find my posts from previous years) and I never get tired of it. The subject has always been important to me, because I was in Europe when the accident happened and the event left me with many unanswered questions.

Since last months Earthquake in Japan the subject matter has become relevant for everybody. Come out to one of the readings, listen to the voices from Chornobyl and join us in the talkback afterward.

Readings are all over town starting April 15th until April 26th.

For more info visit the VFC new site, browse on the old site for videos, interviews, old performances and more, and read their Advok@ feature on Bitter Lemons.

Performance venues are metro and bike accessible, so don’t be shy, put your car to rest and ride with your friends out to these readings.

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