Will Brad be refused entry to tonights South Bay Bicycle Coalition meeting?

Will Brad be refused entry to tonights South Bay Bicycle Coalition meeting w/@REI_COOP staff physically restraining him?

Support Brad and go to the meeting, take videos and photos. Access to public meetings is what cyclists are fighting for. Don’t let this happen!

We don’t want people support bike lanes like these (look at we get RESULTS page). Btw. I’ve been removed from their facebook page as well, don’t know why. Probably because I congratulated Brad for being the charter member of the SBBC. Hmm.

Here is Brads email to me:

I am a charter member of the newly forming South Bay Bicycle Coalition and am on the marketing committee which was tasked to purchase a domain and setup a Facebook group. I did theses two things immediatley. and the original Facebook group of which I believe you are still a member? I also made Todd Diapolo an admin of the group.

When a Daily Breeze article came out that showed a picture of the substandard bike lanes Daily Breeze and mentioned Todd speaking as chairman of the South Bay Bicycle Coalition supporting the lane as progress, it was posted on the Facebook group and the website. The posting got some opposition from those who said the lanes were too narrow including Stephen Box and Dan Gutierrez. Dan posted reasons why the lanes are not compliant and emailed me details on design standards and I told Todd that the coalition should not be in the business of supporting such substandard facilities. Todd said he would take care of it with the city.

As of last week, the lanes were still there in substandard condition. Todd also started removing unfavorable Facebook postings from the group. I told him that since he has decided to censure the Facebook group that we should also remove any indications that the SBBC endorses the substandard lanes so I removed his posting of the Daily Breeze article on the group. He then said that I need to turn over the Facebook group to him as well as the web domain address and then we could proceed with further business of the coalition. He also gave a deadline to do such and stated that if I did not turn over complete control of these things to him he would consider me hostile to the group. In the interest of the community of South Bay Bicycle Advocates who should not be supporting substandard facilities and as a member of the marketing committee, I refused. He formed a parrallel Facebook group and has attempted to promote a new web domain address.

He has since stated that I am hostile to the group and now wants to exclude me from it including having REI staff physically restrain me from entering the premises to attend tonights meeting!  I will still attempt to attend but if I can not get in, those who can need to ask Todd, “What has been done about the substandard lanes”, “why did he publicly endorse them in the Daily Breeze in the name of the South Bay Bicycle Coalition” and “why has he decided to divide the advocacy community by excluding someone who is a very good asset?”

Brad House
BAC Member
representing the South Bay Council District of the Harbor and San Pedro

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