Wolf Girls at the Asylum – 1 night left!

I saw this play and the performance twice and we gave it a Fringe Bitter Lemons Award! This is a fantastic play, that was produced for the Hollywood Fringe Festival and my Bitter Lemons partner Colin worked hard to find a theatre that would pick up this fun, one hour long show. And the Asylum stepped forward and they are hosting a bunch of other fantastic shows!

Go and support LA Theatre but most of all, don’t miss Wolf Girls this Sunday, August 1st at 9pm:

Cowboys and Indians Theatre Company presents The Wolf Girls by Ben Lewis. After critical success, two LA Theatre Review nominations and an award from during this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival, The Wolf Girls will now have an extended run as part of Theatre Asylum’s Best of the Fringe. Performances will be at Theatre Asylum, 6322 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Born human but raised deep in the woods by werewolves, a pack of wild girls are thrust into a strict Catholic boarding school in order to be assimilated into human society. They must learn to walk and talk like proper ladies, avoid eating school pets and (perhaps most difficult) learn to deal with each other. Who will be permitted to join society and who will be cast back into the woods? This multimedia production packs laugh-out-loud comedy, honest emotion, and a whole lot of howls and growls into 45 minutes of pure floor thumping joy.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online @


“This hilarious tale…is charmingly clever and, simply, a lot of fun” – LA Theatre Review

“The ensemble of wolves is a delight to watch” – LA Theatre Review

“A very bizarre premise handled with cleverness and a multi-media madness that left me smiling” –

“…this production just blew me away…” –

“This show really was…inspiring in its story, in the commitment of the actors performances, the production value…and it was also inspiring to see an all-women cast be entertaining without all the clichés that I’m so used to and pretty much sick of” –

6320 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

August 1st: 9 – 10 pm

Take the Metro. Bus 704, 4 (E to W) and 210 (S to N) stop on Santa Monica on Vine.
Walk back on Santa Monica Blvd. to the Asylum Theatre.

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